Thursday, April 16, 2009

Turn-fest 2009

Arrived on the Gold Coast at seven thirty on lovely sunny morning and jumped on the next shuttle to the Radisson Resort, which I must say was a pretty impressive place to hold Turn-fest. We checked in and got driven to our room in a buggy and our bags were delivered to our room, a lovely room with a great view as you can see by the photo.

As we had arrived so early Sue thought it would be a good idea to hire a car and drive up to Lamington National Park, which was about an hour and a half a way. We didn't have a heap of time so we decided that the treetop walk would be the best walk to do in the time we had. It was great to walk through the canopy and see the epiphytes and other plants that grow up there, which you wouldn't normally see from the ground.

We arrived back at the Radisson in time to set up my workstation. I was to share with Neil Scobie and I had arranged with Neil to bring along tools that I was unable to bring with me. I had a bit of prep to do before my demo, which was mid morning the next day. After finishing my prep it was time to get cleaned up and meet some of the other demonstrators before dinner. Great line up of demonstrators consisting of; Bonnie Klein, Brendon Stemp, Brian McEvoy, Cindy Drozda, Glenn Roberts, Ken Rraight, Lois Green, Neil and Liz Scobie, Robert Mckee, Terry Martin and Theo Haralampou, who unfortunately was unwell and unable to demonstrate.

I did six rotations of one and a half hours each. My first two I used to demo my leaf form hollow vessel. The second and third I made twisted lidded boxes and the last two I demonstrated one of my toru series which involved a fair bit of multi axis turning. I must admit I showed my audience what not to do when making one of these pieces but managed to resurrect it (with a fair bit of CA glue) enough to continue with the demo. My audience had a bit of a laugh to see one of the demonstrators have a mishap. We can't be perfect all the time!!! LoL

It was a fantastic event, wonderful venue and food. It was great to catch with some of the demonstrators whom I had met over the years and to meet some new ones. David Dresher and a small group of helpers put on the event and I take my hat off to him for putting on such a large event.
I had an awesome time as I'm sure every one else did and hope to get back there some time in the future.