Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eco Chic Exhibition Open

I couldn't make it to the opening of the Eco Chic opening on Friday night as I was demonstrating at the Tauranga Woodcrafters Annual Show and Sales Day. It was a three day event and ran from Friday to Sunday and I demonstrated for the three days.

Sue and I went to the exhibition yesterday and was amazed at some of the work, the paper folded art in particular.
I entered my two pieces, which were my Voyager Recycled and Ceremonial Bowl 4.

I have added a few pics of the exhibition and hope the other artists don't mind.
Click on images for larger view.
List of Artists.

  • Anna Gundesen
  • Carole Parker
  • Clare Cavanagh
  • Eleazar Bramley
  • Jenna McKelvey
  • Joan Taylor
  • Jonathan Baxter
  • Julie McDowell
  • Lee Hemming
  • Marcel Zwezerijnen
  • Marti Wong
  • Myself