Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twisted lidded boxes

Twisted lidded boxes by woodturner Robbie Graham

Boxes: Blackwood, Spalted Tawa and Eucalyptus
Lids: Six are black Maire and the other two I am unsure of the wood, might be ash but it seems too yellow!
Height: 120mm - 135mm
Diam: 90mm - 95mm

I have been making a few boxes, this time with no texture on the lids as the client wanted them plane but with different woods.

Five of these boxes are for an order for a gallery in Nelson so I thought I might as well make eight. I have the other three in my gallery. I finally made some jaws out of black maire for my chuck so I can grip inside the top of the box to return the bases. The way I used to do it was, turn a jam-chuck but it was time consuming to alter it for each box, the jaws make the job much easier. The profile of the jaws matches the top of the box so they don't damage the box.
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black Maire jaws by Robbie Graham